Giuseppe Tuzzi is a wine producer and his vineyards of 2.5 hectares are situated in the Colli Orientali of Friuli, Udine. This area is in the North East of Italy.

Autochthonous varieties have a very low yield per hectare, less than 4 tons. The cultivation is entirely manual, from pruning to the grape harvest they are then held in crates to avoid oxidation. No fertilisers and irrigation are used anywhere on the vineyard.

Antiparasite techniques involving only copper and sulphur allows our wine to be of the highest quality. The vineyard is “organic” and has been certified by the ICEA Institute.

Vinification and ageing is primarily in steel with a small part in wood because of the malolactic fermentation. Thia gives the wine an emphatic personality, keeping the degree 12.50% volume. We would like to obtain a wine with natural class, balance and strong compexity. Thanks to our vineyard’s ancient heritage _60&80 we are able to create this result.